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I have no words (almost)

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This post is brought to you today with thanks to Phil Stark, without whom I would have had no material – my mind being as devoid of any ideas to call my own this week.  (Just to clarify, by material I mean writing ideas, not like sheets of felt, cotton or polyester or anything.)



My friend re-posted this picture today on Facebook which I supremely hope is a photoshop, but have a sinking feeling is genuine.

Please kill me now!

Please kill me now!

If you look carefully, someone has at least corrected the offending use of the word ‘their’.

I know people often bemoan the grammar Gestapo (of which I am guilty of being a member) on social media but this, is another matter.
Hello proofreading!!

Personally I think it’s a short step from improper grammar and shocking spelling to going to the store in your PJs and slippers or drinking Frosty Jack straight from the bottle.  All of which is slowly contributing the breakdown of civilised society as we know it.

On a happier note, the same friend also posted this, which made me smile.


What is the collective noun for a group of people who can’t spell or are grammatically inept? (and don’t say Americans!) *



*just messing with you, any American readers.


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