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Natural selection fail #1

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Holy shit!  What a day!

Nothing but a good sing-a-long to some tunes on the old Spotify is going to help tonight.  I may not be the best singer in the choir by a long chalk but there’s something very therapeutic about a good old belt out of some old favourites.


Meanwhile, in other news.  I defy you not to look at this picture and make an instant judgement on this guy (& that’s before you read on about the near fatal car wreck in what is clearly a residential area).

Note the town he comes from.

Why did this not surprise me in any way?

FFS! This post has taken me over half an hour to write because of my god damn jackass of a slow computer.  Sing-a-long been interrupted somewhat by frequent loud bursts of profanity.  Sounded a bit like this:-

     “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen… F’s sake muthaf*c*er!  What the hell?… for jesus christ our saviour is born on… bloody hell what the f*c*!”




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