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Getting some groove back

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Sometimes, the smallest things can make all the difference to whether or not you feel valued, worthwhile and not completely pointless.

Today I heard my young and impressionable charges play a fairly decent rendition of London’s Burning.  They began altogether and (almost) all finished at the same time.
6 of them have also told me with great pride and excitement that they have asked for a recorder of their own for Christmas.  
Whilst I apologise to their parents for that…. it did give me a warm glowing feeling inside (that wasn’t  just my  ears signalling a bout of Tinnitus).

Daren’t speak too soon, but I think I may be getting my joy of the job back.

#littlethings   #festivecheer:-)

Then I saw this picture of bus grafitti on The Poke and thought I’d share it, as it seemed apt in the circumstances.




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