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The winner of the best Xmas gift 2013..

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…. goes to:-










Wilson! (& yes it’s a leopard print dressing gown – don’t judge me!)

Thankyou Mr Bman for my new non-judgemental, friend for life, who will doubtless remain with me long after the childerbeast have left home and Bman has either died or left me, whichever comes soonest.

Best Santa gift for the childerbeast probably has to be these dudes:-

Dave & Stuart

Dave & Stuart

Over 100 phrases between them (but only when you touch them) unlike the blooming Furbies who never shut up and only seem to jabber on the more you ask them to be quiet!


I did type this up earlier on the WordPress app on my new witchcraft device of sorcery and devil worship (Kindle Fire HDX) while I was supping a Sans Souci cocktail infront of ‘Ice Station Zebra’, but despite pressing the appropriate Post button, nothing seems to have happened, so I have had to do it all again the old-fashioned way on the proper PC.  Clearly I don’t know what I am doing (but that shouldn’t come as any surprise).  Add it to the list!



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