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Let’s do this all again next year, only funner (it’s a word!)

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So it’s the last day of the year and time for my traditional annual round-up of all the fun and exciting things I have done over the past 12 months. So here goes:-







cue the tumbleweed

cue the tumbleweed




Haunted château in France.  Wardrobe and cupboard doors opening on their own & shit!  The weather was great, pool was great.  Lovely to be away for a week with the Fam.



and I got a new niece for Christmas.



Happy New Year!

  That was basically it my friends.  No festivals, no other holidays of note other than visiting Harry Potter Studios in February, which was brill because I rode a broom and remortgaged my house to buy jellybeans and a pen in the gift shop.

Nothing else leaps to mind as worthy of mention to be honest.




Bman asked this morning if my new year resolution was to carry on being just as rubbish…
…why change the habit of a lifetime I say.  No doubt in a years time I will still be sat in this same office chair, in this same room, at this same rickety old PC with the same duffed up old sofa downstairs and the same 1980’s big-back TV in the lounge and my kids will have developed hunchbacks from overuse of the iPad and my husband will still think I am rubbish and I will have done nothing to prove him otherwise.

At least I’ll have Wilson.

If you don’t receive a Happy New Year text or voicemail later it’s probably because I didn’t send one, either because I couldn’t be arsed;  I’ve lost your number or I’ve seen my arse because you forgot my birthday or didn’t send me a Happy Christmas text.
In the meantime, I shall express some New Year sentiment via the medium of e-cards stolen from the Internet, which appealed to my sense of humour.









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