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Gonna start a resolution from my bed

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So now it’s 2014 and so far it doesn’t look or feel that much different from 2013.
I have decided against setting myself any unrealistic resolutions and instead thought it wise to aim low.  Something along the lines of
‘This Year I aim to loll around more’, or ‘In 2014 I will try and remain in the same state of stasis as the past 8 years’.  This way there’s every chance that for the first time ever, I may succeed in keeping a resolution.

Did everybody have a good New Year celebration anyway?  I received a grand total of 4 New Year text messages and 1 voicemail, which turned out to be from Bman when he got home from work, which said, “What the?  Oh Fuck you… fucking.. what the…?” swearing at me because he realised whilst he was calling me that my phone was on the bedside table.  (I was round at a friends down the road with the childerbeast).
He came round to join us and it was all very sociable until the dreaded booze kicked in!  We left before a full-on domestic ensued and promptly all slept in on New Year’s Day until lunchtime.  Nice.


I then spent the last long weekend of the holidays in Chester cooing over my newest niece and being highly entertained by my eldest niece, who is at that lovely age of repeating everything she hears regardless of appropriateness.  Note to self: watch what you say within earshot.



Started to feel lousy on Friday evening – a possible reaction to the thought of returning to work on Monday.  Thought I was going to have to blob on my friend’s 40th birthday night out.  Managed to drag self out in the end and eventually enjoyed it and was glad I went.  Always great to see old friends, especially when you realise quite how long it is since you have seen them.  Conversation essentially turned into a mass  offspring photo-viewing session on people’s phones and laughing about the dim and distant past; nights out and camping trips etc.

Went back to work yesterday and I all I have to say on that matter is:- It’s my job. I chose to do it.  Made my bed now have to lie in it, blah di blah di blah.  Too old to do anything else now; should have got a real job but I’ve no skills worthy of note so I’d best “make do with a bad a job” as my Nan used to say…


Meanwhile, in the land of escapism known as Television, who could ask for more on a Monday night than ‘Benefits Street’ and ‘Secrets of the Living Dolls’?    That, however is a blog entry for another day – thank you Channel 4 for handing me such golden writing material on a platter.



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