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Little things mean a lot

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I was given these today as a gesture of kindness from a friend at work, which I assume says:-

“FFS woman get a grip, cheer up and stop looking like a wet weekend in Whitley Bay”

That’s a Hallmark sentiment you just don’t seem to be able to find in a card.


Luckily I am easily distracted from my natural misery by colourful things.  So these will help beat off the black dog for a while.

Say it with flowers

Say it with flowers

So my black dog blues are being kept a bay for the day by colourful blooms and also  watching BBC3’s ‘Tough Young Teachers’ (working title – ‘WTF were you thinking?‘).  A project where hot young public school graduates with 6 weeks teacher training and no classroom experience (you heard me!) are set to work in some tough inner-city high schools.  (I accurately predicted it would be on for 10 minutes before one of them cried).
I instantly feel better about myself and my capabilities, although no doubt the end result will be a propaganda-fuelled love-up about how fab they all were and that this is the future of teacher training. 

However I am sightly disconcerted that 36 hours after altering my Facebook profile picture to this….

It so isn't me

It so isn’t me

… that nobody has commented or apparently, even noticed!

I stole it from:-

With apology to whoever this girl actually is.  It’s funny because it could actually be me from when I was younger, had I worn glasses at about that age, I am pretty sure that’s what they would have looked like.  The hair is a dead ringer.  I shit you not!  (Which probably explains why nobody has thought to comment).



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