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This week has been much better than last.
Work is… well, it’s work and I am grateful to be employed.   

I did actually have a laugh on Friday (although mainly at someone else expense) but it’s ok, I’m not being a bitch or anything… it was just extremely funny.  I just can’t elaborate because you had to be there.
I suspect that joke won’t go away just yet though.


I feel less hopeless and helpless this week so have resisted the urge to hurl myself beneath the wheels of a passing rag & bone cart – of which, let’s face it, there are a multitude round here – because I fucked up back in 2001 and led my (as yet unborn) family into the web of the Projects and now seem to be stuck here, because no bugger will even come and look at the house!   


                                                           ** and breathe**

We should take pleasure in the simple things in life.  Like playing inside a cardboard box like my childerbeast.

Where could she be?

Where could she be?

Although the old, “Mum there’s a parcel for you in the kitchen”, hide and jump out gag is much funnier if you remember to move out of the way, before your sister leaps out; smacks you in the face with her head; causing you to split the inside of your lip with your own teeth!

A life lesson learned there for my eldest on, who now has one lip bigger than the other!

Cardboard boxes – fun and educational at the same time.  Who knew?

Could she possibly be in the box?

Could she possibly be in the box?

I’m a bit big for the box (might get my mahoosive head stuck) so I shall take pleasure in Mumlike simple things instead.  Like being the first into the fresh bed sheets tonight while Bman is on lates and watching yet another movie on my witchcrafy tablet of satanic sorcery.  I must’ve seen over a dozen or more films on it since my birthday.

Procrastination times!



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