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Even my Kindle is judging me

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As if I don’t have enough pressure to succeed both in the home and at work!

Deadlines, targets, quotas to fill etc. 

Whether that be washing, ironing, or making sure that children with parents who are too busy eating or nailing their way around the neighbourhood (I am wildly speculating of course!) to spend some time with their offspring and help them to read, write or indeed use the words “please” or “thankyou”. 

Now my own witchcraft device of sorcery and Satanism is piling on the pressure.

I was never keen on the idea of reading a book on a digital device.  I like the smell of books and the feel of them in my hand.  I like to turn real pages.  Not wanting to end up a total Luddite though I succumbed to the Kindle as a birthday gift and have almost read my first book on it.  I’m forced to admit to quite liking the fact that it is so portable and that no further space will be taken up on my already heavily laden bookshelves.


I do object to the little messages that appear from time to time at the foot of the page saying things like:-

“At this pace it will take you 1hr 45 minutes to complete this book”

It’s not a race dude.  Besides, I’m busy.  Busy writing this shit.  Busy watching Hayley Cropper dying on Coronation Street.  Busy reading bedtime stories to my children.   Busy doing fuck all.   Busy laying in bed trying to get to sleep at dumb o’ clock in the morning while I’m worrying about children who can’t read or write or know their number bonds to 10 and how I may end up somehow getting the blame for that. 

Don’t pressure me into reading any faster Mr witchcraft magic Kindle.
  I’ve got enough on my plate!  I spent half an hour last night typing up a timetable of what I’m meant to be doing each day at work and in what class, because I feel like I am up my own arse, meeting myself coming back!

On top of which, I can feel a cold coming on.

Is it the weekend yet?


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