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Freaky FlvTo flashback

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Scientists say that our sense of smell is the one most closest linked to memory.  Ordinarily I would have agreed.  Until that is, I spent half an hour titting about on FlvTo Youtube downloader, where you can convert music posted to Youtube to an MP3 and save it to iTunes. 

Seeing the opportunity for a bit of an office-chair rave on my own of a Saturday night in front of the Tooter while the Bmeister is out, I stumbled across this; wondered what it was; played it and subsequently almost had a cardiac arrest!  This one had been filed away in the back of my cluttered mind.

Forget your sense of smell linked to memory.  Tonight it’s all about the smell, the audio and the visual.  This MoFo took me back almost 22 years and I swear it took 5 minutes for the hairs on the back of my neck (not my chin) to lay back down!  Liverpool duvet cover beneath my (much slimmer) buttocks; bag of jelly dewdrops from the VeeGee in my hands and a man with a chinstrap beard on the decks.

Scary flashback times!

Had completely forgotten about this one even though it was played to death at the time as I now recall!


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