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They’re heeeeeere!!

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So the Bman and I finally caved (well TBH Bman probably didn’t have much choice, he has just been swept along in the fever)…. and we now own a pair of degus.

In fairness I blame Bman entirely for this, for glibly promising the girls that they could have pets when we moved house.  This then became an obsession with Thing2, who has become a self-styled expert on these Chilean ground squirrels (for that’s their other name).  As it doesn’t look like we are moving anywhere new anytime soon, with having zero viewings on the house; we thought it only fair to let her have them for her birthday (which admittedly isn’t for another 3 weeks).

Some finally arrived at the local pet store this week, so off we went on Saturday morning with 2 very excited little girls clutching a rodent carrier.   We returned an hour later with 2 female degus named Lydia/Linda and Bugsy.  (Not my choice – I wanted to go with Dave Degu and Degu Dave, but the childerbeast wouldn’t have it.)

Bit of a farce with the pet shop Saturday boy getting eaten alive as he chased them around the enclosure trying to find 2 females.  We just stood the other side of the glass watching him slowly dripping blood from his ravaged fingertips, as the degus led him a merry dance.  I just kept mouthing ‘sorry’ at him whilst trying not to laugh.     Finally 2 females were captured, but as we were waiting to pay at the till whilst the Saturday boy was sent next door to Superdrug for elastoplasts to bandage his hands back together, Bman spotted one of the degus going in for the old cheeky backscuttle on the other one.  Questioning the sapphic proclivities of female degus we sought a second opinion from the lady on the till & it seemed that we had in fact got one of each!

Schexual times!

Despite her assurances that at this age the male was not mature enough to impregnate the female, I asked her put him back because I’ve heard that one before! (haven’t we all ladies?)   So off she went to change him.
I’m not convinced that she swapped them, so it could be a case of buy 2 get 12 free in 2 months time, as there’s no telling that the 2 females we now have haven’t been got at already!  FFS! Why were the males & females not separated just to be safe?

You can still see the pet shop dude's blood in the tube

You can still see the pet shop dude’s blood in the tube

On the plus side.  I am now apparently the “best mum ever”.  Who knew that this is all it took, or that this is what it took to get my childerbeast to leave the house!   They’ve been in the Wendy house ever since, just sitting and talking to the bloody things.

I thought one was dead for a couple of hours when it went for a scamper, completely missed the ladder & fell down the stairwell then limped off to it’s little hut and didn’t appear again for hours.  I had visions of strapping up a tiny broken leg with a fecking matchstick or something.   Luckily it seems fine now.*

Wonder how long they’ll last once the childerbeast start getting them out to play with and leaving the cage open and/or the cats get a sniff of them?

(*I just re-read that back and thought it best to clarify that I thought the degu was dead, not one of my children.)


PS:  Weather was so atrocious last night that I feared for their safety and almost went out to get them but figured that would probably traumatize them even more.  Thing2 and I were out there at 07:30 this morning checking to see if they were still alive!

They look fine to me (though the one on the right looks as if she is plotting to kill me).

IMG_20140202_094419  IMG_20140202_094102


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