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My childerbeast have taken up Street Dance at an after school club, so on Friday evening, Bman and I were trying to get the childerbeast to watch some clips from Beat Street to show them how street dance was originally done. Like, ‘on the street’ and everything (and as good as an excuse as any to indulge the memory of a misspent youth.)  **eyes mist over in rose-tinted flashback of skipping around on a piece of lino down the park wearing sweatbands and studded belts**

Obviously they weren’t in the least bit interested & it just turned into half an hour of them rolling their eyes at Mum & Dad rapping along to old skool B-Boy anthems and playing ‘breakdance move accomplishment top trumps’.

These days I am happy if I can get out of bed and put my knickers on without groaning in pain at some back twinge or other, never mind do a frigging swan dive into a caterpillar/crazy legs/half-windmill combo.  (BS Electros Rule!!)


Interestingly, we both commented that 30 years later, the words to ‘Beat Street Breakdown’ are no less relevant today.  I am sure that 30 years from now, if we haven’t all been washed away by floods; frozen to death in the next ice age or blown one another out of existence, nothing will have changed.

“A newspaper burns in the sand and the headline screams Man destroys Man”



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  1. Melon t*ts, eh?


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