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It’s half-term.  And not before time!

There’s a certain sense of – well, I don’t know if it’s irony or the fates laughing in my face – that on Monday evening, a gigantic asteroid will hurtle dangerously close to Earth:- (Huge asteroid due to fly past Earth)  and I shall be holed-up in a Quality Inn in Birmingham with my MiL and the childerbeast!

We shall be stuffed to the gills by then on chocolate after our day out at Cadbury World so perhaps it’s just as well.  The world may end before the fat can reach my hips, face and buttocks.
Not that I thought I’d meet my demise in a budget hotel in the Black Country with my head down the toilet from pigging out on Chocolate Buttons and Curly Wurlys.

Before then though,  I am spending an evening away with the Bman for Valentines.



#tinnedpeaches  #bottledwater


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