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The end of the world starts with flesh eating rodents

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I am reliably informed that it is Throwback Thursday today, where you can just post old shit on FB or your blog or Twitter or whatever.   Interestingly it is also my youngest daughter’s birthday today.  She is 9 now and not a throwback at all – actually she is pretty damn intelligent and brilliantly bonkers. Xxx

If I had any photos or CCTV footage of mine and Bman’s comedy wheelchair chase through the corridors of Leeds General Infirmary at 3am, 9 years ago today, then I would happily share them with the Information Superhighway.  Sadly, or perhaps fortunately (it depends on your sense of humour and sensitive nature) I don’t.




In other news:-  This happened…

It hurt like a tiny machete slicing into my flesh

It hurt like a tiny machete slicing into my flesh

One of them has the taste of blood now.
I can’t find much online about zombie degus but I am pretty sure that this is how the zombie Chilean ground squirrel apocalypse will (probably) start.

The rain keeps coming, the floods haven’t abated, family pets are eating babies and there was a 4:1 quake in the SW of England today.  I am just waiting for the fire and brimstone and 4 horsemen to show up.

Let’s hope my Mum and Dad  have got some tinned peaches in for our visit this weekend.  (The closest I could find online at Forman’s Mum was this:-  I’ll pop into Aldi in Manc en-route and see what they have in the way of apocalyptic  end of days food staples eh?


Ooh, and go and see the LegoMovie.  It really is awesome.


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