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Oh! WTF?

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I’ve been asked to do a mix CD for a friend, so I’ve been scouring YouTube for Old Skool classics.    Needless to say, I found some corkers.  This bad boy included.  A vinyl staple of everyone’s favourite, crazy albino-looking Welshman – The MusicMaker. 

Anyone for a total headfuck?

I shit you not, the dude used to play this and I can still remember standing agog in the middle of the dance floor at Kinetic in my cycling shorts & crop top and saying; “Woah! Is that O Fortuna? WTF!!”

Not for the faint of heart or those prone to tinnitus.  However, if you are brave enough to press play; imagine it at full beam; volume goes up to way more than 11; chest thumping bass,  when you may have (accidentally) imbibed recreational pharmaceuticals and be a tad unsure of your name, where you were from or what, indeed, you may have had!  It gets particularly terrifying at about 2:44…


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