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So I’m on AOL trying to look at a video of a KLM airplane being struck by lightning over Birmingham airport and I accidentally pressed on the wrong link and got this:- Virginity pledge balls

Is it just me or does this idea seem a little weird?

I can’t see it catching on in the UK. 

I’m hoping my girls cling onto their hymens for a fair few years yet and when they do decide to relinquish the big V, I hope it is with someone they at least ‘think’ they are in love with and have been with for sometime.  Not some ill-advised, drunken bunk-up, behind a skip out back of a southern fried chicken shop in the middle of Bradford with someone who still has their trackydaks tucked into their socks!

**shudders at the thought & crosses self (despite not being religious)**

But…as much as I want to protect my little ladies from the unworthy males of the ghetto, I can’t see Bman busting out the disco strobes and putting on a bit of a buffet up and the Swingers & Doggers Club and making them pledge their purity to him until their wedding day.  All while he knocks out a tune or two on his Nexus music making tinklemeister machine:-

” This one is in the key of ‘F’ & called, ‘Nobody touches my floo but Jesus’

While I accompany him on descant recorder!

It’s not happening is it? Let’s be honest.

All sounds a teensy bit incestuous and creepy to me.  Unsurprisingly originating in a country that still allows the intellectually challenged to keep as many firearms as they like.


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