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Keep calm and wear a hat (but not you… you look like a ****!)

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Went to dippy Derby on Saturday to see The Reduced Height Theatre Company perform see-how-they-run.

Very entertaining indeed, particularly as one of the leading ladies looked uncannily like someone I know (but much smaller of course.) 

Well worth a look, if only for the amusement of seeing Warwick Davis run around the stage in his undies and marvel at how much his hands look like shovels!
He also said something funny about being short in a Yoda voice at the end.  #moneysworth

If you do go and find that the audience contains several persons of diminutive stature and you time your entrance down the stairs with them just right – this also apparently couldn’t be more hilarious unless a Snow White costume was involved!

#youhadtobethere  #gulliver  # lilliputland

Meanwhile, topic of conversation on the way home pretty much decreed that the breakdown in civilised society, decorum and personal pride in oneself and one’s country all fell apart the moment men stopped wearing hats and ladies folded away their seamed stockings.

True enough!

As I am sure you will have gleaned, I am a huge fan of the 1950’s pin up ‘cheesecake’ art and would love to dress as such on a regular basis (though not perhaps in the style of an Art Frahm painting with my duds around my ankles). 


However in the times we live now, where it has become the norm to do the weekly shop in a onesie and the idea of formal attire includes not having ones trackydaks tucked into ones socks; the full petticoated lindybob style dress and heels seems rather overdressed and borders on the fancy dress.

What a shame.

I appreciate we have come a long way as far as advertising goes (if these choice retro ads are anything to go by…)


coffee ad



… but you have to admit that we’d surely all look happier and the country would look rosier and probably the economy would recover because of all the happiness and rosiness, if we all dressed like this…


On our way to a friend’s for afternoon Cinzanos


Just popping up to Morridogs

Just popping up to Morridogs


The Brewers having a jolly old time at the park

OK so it’s Ewan MacGregor in a photo shoot but you get the picture.
Hell, I’d be happier if I was in the park with Ewan McGregor right now (Bman has just had his wisdom teeth taken out and is the proverbial bear with a literal sore head today!)

"Hello, Is that the Emergency Style Helpline?  I'd like to place an order please"

“Hello, Is that the Emergency Style Helpline? I’d like to place an order please”





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