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Weekend plans and a brief flirtation with modelling

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The Bear starts her SAT’s in 12 days time.  She’s sitting extra papers to try and get a Level 6!  To be fair I’d be happy if mine leave Primary with the Level 4 they are meant to, but if they can up their game and go higher, then more power to ’em!

Just booked Blackpool Pleasure Beach wristbands and tickets for Ripleys for her and 2 mates (and my youngest) for the weekend when they have finished the exams.  Just to let their hair down and do a bit of shrieking and eating lard all day, as a treat for working so damn hard this school year. Then they will all sleep over at our house in the evening (and Ma B will be here too, before she goes to the airport on her jollies the next morning!)

I can feel a migraine coming on already just thinking about it.


Going to Boro this weekend to see Ma B for her birthday despite it clashing with the heats for the ‘Face of Bradford Kirkgate Centre’ catwalk search for a model show that mine were asked to take part in. (We were chased through the shopping centre a few weeks ago by scouts who spotted The Bear – then Al got roped in aswell).

Flattering indeed, although of course I am biased and think my girls are beautiful (which they are – and clever to boot!)  However  I can always rely on my bezzy to put things in perspective and bring us down to earth.  In her own words, (more or less):-

“To be fair babe, you were in Bradford Kirkgate – they’d have grabbed any kid with eyes pointing in the right direction, who wasn’t dragging their knuckles along the ground.”

She has a point.

WELCOME TO BRADFORD - the barren retail tundra of West Yorkshire

WELCOME TO BRADFORD – the barren retail tundra of West Yorkshire

 picture courtesy of google images

I asked the girls if they would rather stay here and attend the heats and the general response was along the lines of poking themselves in the eye with something sharp, rather than be forever known as, The Face of Bradford.

They also have a point.  Fair play to them for having their feet on the ground (even if their faces are usually glued to the ipad!)






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