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It’s been a while…..

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….. but I’ve just had a most refreshing blast-off at some poor bugger at AOL.

I can’t be fagged to go into too much detail about why. Basically, a password reset situation has escalated into me threatening to send photographs of my bare behind to prove my identity to Customer Services who (despite having paid my bill every month without fail for the last 7 years) appear to have no record of my ever having been a customer.

Pity poor Sven, manning the switchboard tonight in what sounded like a water-filled underground cavern. (Or possibly the same speaker system they’re using at the opening ceremony of the World Cup, purchased at a Tandy closing down sale!) 
    He may well have gone for a lie down and a stiff vodka after the wrath of Mrs Brewer.

Seemingly it’s easier to get into MI6 than retrieve my own password, all because they’ve lost my security question.



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