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Wearisome weekend and beware of monsters.

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I officially hate technology – computers in particular. The irony of my not being able to share this with you without technology, computers or social media only fuels my ire even more. I also hate AOL. They finally recognised that I have had an email account with them since 2002, because they rang me yesterday morning at 0810 to reset my password.

                 “Do you have a pen and paper Mrs Breeewaaar”
                 “No I bloody don’t love cos I’m still in bed!”

Yesterday was not a good day mental state of mindwise. I had a minor breakdown whilst trying to wrestle the spare duvet back into the storage bag after Ma B had left. It was one of those vacuum bags and the bugger kept re-inflating under the bed, pushing the other junk out like trip and toe-stubbing hazards and lifting the bed up!  It seemed there was a small hole in it which pretty much rendered it useless. In an irrational fit of frustration, I ripped it open, shredded it with my bare hands and threw it down the stairs whilst screaming profanities at it.
The children maintained a state of stagnant stasis, faces aglow with Minecraft throughout, ignoring me completely (as usual).

Later on, at teatime, I had to go and sit in the garden, as far away from my youngest as possible in case I tried to throttle her Homer & Bart style.
     Whilst I am supportive of her decision to go vegetarian, this would work much better if she actually ate vegetables!
Her brand new favourite “mum let’s have this everyday” Asda vegetable tart was pushed around the plate with a sour look on her face that could have curdled milk.  All because (even though she loved it last time and was enjoying it this time) she realised that it had courgettes in it!

No wonder Bman is always galavanting off to gigs and parties.  Being at home at the weekend is harder work than the day job sometimes!

Meanwhile, trying to gather the troops to get together for a mid-August camping trip.  Would it be foolish to base ones choice of site purely on the fact that their website states that “Chimeras are not allowed”?  Personally I would like to hope that most campsites should probably have a ‘no monster’ policy, especially if they’re claiming to be family friendly.




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