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Vaginal overuse (not as exciting a post as you might think).

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Typing this shit up would be so much easier if I could do it on the computer rather than the Kindle.
     I tried synching to a Bluetooth keyboard but the one for the iPad refuses to acknowledge when you type any vowels, which makes for a rather irritating read.  Also haven’t yet fathomed out how to switch off predictive text, which pisses me right off.  It changes the word shit to suit every time I type it, which, to be fair, is quite often!
  I feel like I can’t say everything I want to say because I fear I may get vibration white finger from the the flat fingered touchscreen typing.  I can’t even set the fecker out the way I want to on this WordPress app because the settings are different.  I keep making mistakes because I am still trying to type at my usual 60+ wpm but with fat flat fingers, a small keypad and bloody predictive text, it’s driving me nuts.

Meanwhile, may I suggest NOT settling down to watch an animal show with your animal mad 9 year old without checking the content first.
Baby animals you say? Wow that sounds cute.  I tell you what though. Let’s leave out all the carnal preamble and close-up footage of a vet giving an echidna a handjob in order to show the world it’s 4 headed penis. Or collecting koala semen with a synthetic koala vagina.  In fact, lets just ease up on the word vagina.  Do we need to use it so often?  Can we just cut to the cute baby animals that I thought I was going to be watching please.  Skimmed through it on x32 to get to the baby kangaroos and to minimise overuse of the V word. Am all for using correct anatomical terminology but jeez… just show more fluffy baby animals without the humping.



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