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In too deep to stop now….

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Pleased to have my Bear home from her Residential. She had a fab time. I’m looking forward to seeing the pictures.

I’ve been wondering a lot the past few weeks about our over-reliance on computers and technology. Lately I have spent hours of my life (that I’ll never get back) shouting at various items of witchcraft electrickery in my house.  The PC has had more than its fair share of profanity hurled at it. I am still not really on speaking terms with it. 
    Then last weekend I spent 2 hours farting about with the laptop Ma B had bought for the Bear’s birthday, so it could be ready to go when she opened it on her birthday.  So she opened it yesterday and the bloody thing refused to let her log in!
  I then spent another hour and a half titting around resetting passwords.  Just when we thought we were on track, Bear tried to go on her iPad and it seems that No. 2 daughter has tried to use it and managed to completely disable it!  Cue another swathe of my life cursing into the ether to try and reset the fecker.
   Finally got it sorted but she’s lost everything that was on it and will have to start again.  Little sis owes her Big Time!

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a big fan of the Information Superhighway. How else could I air my nonsense and opinions to the world or check on what  friends I haven’t seen for years have had for dinner?  I just get cross at the assumption that everybody understands all the technological jargon that  comes with it.  I keep threatening to blow it all off but I’m too addicted now.

What would I do without my Tapped Out and posting memes on FartBook and tweeting on Twitter?

What the hell did we do before all this?

Thinking about it, it’s just as well this shit wasn’t around when I was a teenager.  I would have got in a whole mess of trouble for sure. I was a pain in the arse, mooning and pining over whatever love-interest I had at the time. If I’d had the opportunity to text or email them as well as lurk around town waiting for them to walk past, I’d have probably been arrested….or who knows, maybe even got a date! Xx



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