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I’m sat here in my indecent age-inappropriate daisy dukes (it’s a hot day and it’s not like I wore them to work – don’t judge me) and I am thinking… Have you ever had that experience that things were not always as you thought?  That people sometimes are not what they seem or that they’re thinking or feeling something different to what you thought. Or have you ever had anyone think you are indeed something you weren’t?
Cue the rider… ‘There was this one time…’

I once briefly went out with a boy in my early teens but he dumped me for another chick (who was easier than me).  Apparently she was afraid of ever meeting me in town in case I beat her up.  This was a joke in itself.  I was more afraid of her.  Anyway this boy and I began dating again some time later toward the end of the year.  Turns out he’d seen the error of his ways almost immediately we’d split but he stayed away from me because I had found an older, more attractive, car-driving boyfriend.  The only thing was… I hadn’t.  I hadn’t had a boyfriend since him at all.   This mysterious older beau I’d regularly been seen with around town and in Sainsburys with was none other than my Dad! 

I’ve heard a couple of things lately via the medium of the social stalkwork network of a similar nature.  I don’t really know where I’m going with this post because I’ve had a Sans Souci (a cocktail of my own devising – the ingredients of which are a secret) but I think I’m saying – speak out people – say what you think.  Carpe Diem and all that.  Although saying that, to a certain extent, I always have spoken my mind and worn my heart on my sleeve and it hasn’t always paid off,  so maybe I’m talking shit and should shut the feck up.  God knows it wouldn’t be the first time and nor will it be the last.

Meanwhile on the subject of retrospective and reminiscing, here’s some pictures of my old secondary school (the one I actually enjoyed going to).  I’m pretty sure that pond would require several dozen risk assessments these days, if it were allowed to remain at all.  I remember it always being threatened that the older kids would chuck us in. The rumour was that it was bottomless.  I never went in.  It was probably only ankle deep.  I’ll never know now.





Apparently there were tunnels under those steps into the main building where the Boarders lived.   Again – information it may’ve been fun to know at the time.

I also found these bad boys, which made me chuckle.  WTF was going on there with that barnet?  Can you tell it was the mid 80s?  Apologies to my 3 old pals who I am sure will be delighted to now be plastered all over the information superhighway.

Almost 30 years on but why do I feel pretty much the same age? Then I look in the mirror and think “Who the hell is that woman and how did she take over my body?”




I think I need another Sans Souci.  (and a Tres Bien sticker for you if you can tell me what it means).
Ciao Tutti xxx



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