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I genuinely can’t think of a title for this post…

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Did a whole lot of walking yesterday, collecting The Bear & her pal from their High School transition day.  (Fair play to work to approving an afternoon’s leave for that). Then had to go back again in the evening to a parents’ evening shizzle where I learned new phrases such as ‘coaching group’ ‘coachee’ and ‘MYCD’. Also interesting to see words on a literacy display in class such as ‘sexuality’ and ‘necrophilia’. Also saw that the novel ‘Skellig’ is on the syllabus for Year7, so my lot have a head start because I’ve already done that with them.


My right ankle was really aching last night – had to sleep with it resting on a cushion!   Probably in shock from having walked further than my usual 200m a day to work and back.  #lazytoad. Surely divine retribution for mocking a colleague who told us about her permanent scarring sustained in a primary school country dancing accident as a child.

Seriously… true story.

Nothing says ‘Welcome to High School and fear not.’  like a mobile bomb disposal unit & a hoolie van outside the building to greet the the new cohort’s parents…
I’m hoping that was just something to do with this little bike race that’s apparently going on around here at the weekend – the opening ceremony of which was going on in Leeds last night.
May have to bust out one of the childerbeast’s BMXs to get into the spirit…. if the ankle feels better







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