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Is it Christmas yet?

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Oh my Christ I’m tired this week!  Not sleeping that well the past few days and brain full of all the nearing of the end of term shite.  Transition, SATs results due, sports days, choir recitals, leavers disco and assembly, yadayadayada!  
     No.1 child bit edgy about going to High School.  No. 2 child pecking my head RIGHT in with her food faddy fussiness.  You want to go vegetarian? Knock yourself out but you have to eat chuffing vegetables!
     On top of everything else I’m still mad at being called into Boss’s office this week to ‘get to the bottom‘of a situation that I brought to their attention almost a month ago and was told to ‘leave it with me’
End result – being made to attend a course I’ve been on twice before now and spending two hot, tiring afternoons learning things I already know how to do, just so we can tick another bloody box for the inspectors.  Frigadoon man it’s all doing my swede in! 
If I could counterbalance this with attending any of the many courses I’ve actually asked to go on to further my professional development then that would awesome but… No….

My profanity & irritability levels are high and tolerance levels rock bottom.  This combination will ultimately be a friend to no-one.



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