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Vive Le Yaaarks

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Had great views all day of the Yorkshire Grand Depart via the medium of TV. #TDF2014.
Have enjoyed the comedy of the Twitter feed #northernrail. Unsurprisingly unflattering & unfavourable as thousands of people, encouraged to abandon their cars and take the train, found themselves abandoned at various train stations as trains packed like sardines flew gaily past without stopping. I wouldn’t have been train crew for Northern Rail today for any money. Bman has spent the day laughing about being off today as I sporadically read tweets out to him.
One of my favourites include one about the conductor ending his announcement “Mange Tout Ladies & Gentleman” in a DelBoy styleee. There’s been a couple of favourable ones but mostly they’ve been pretty angry. They got a bit more positive as the day went on and the ire of the general public wore off (or they got drunker & more cheerful…)

I do feel proud to be from Yorkshire today because I think they put on a great show. Am looking forward to watching more tomorrow when it goes through the old stomping ground of Bradfield and Oughtibridge in Sheffield. The people of Yorkshire may not all have been impressed with the train service today but they know how to support a major global sporting event.





Queues just to get into Leeds station today


“Trains may be busier than usual today”

Managed to coax the Childerbeast outside and even got one on her bike. Helpful safety advice from Dad about making sure her shoelaces were tucked in, when he shared an ‘I knew a boy’ story involving getting his flares caught in the spokes back in the ’70s. Proper pissed myself laughing over that one. Images of a young Bman lying in a tangled heap with his elephant cord flares caught in the bike chain of his Small Rider, grass stains all down the back of his shiny nylon Jungle Book T Shirt.




Up close and personal along the Buttertubs Pass

Well done Yorkshire. Hopefully people won’t be too mean to Northern train crew tomorrow for Stage 2. Not their fault that the decision-makers higher up appeared to be taken by surprise at how many people would turn out for this. Here’s hoping Cavendish hasn’t broken his collarbone and can carry on.


Pictures courtesy of Google images


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