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Aldi workers get a higher hourly rate than I do, so…Yes, today I was….


I spent the day at a protest rally, waving a placard listing my demands.  By protest rally I mean shopping and by placard I mean my debit card (because despite my eldest being a Connies & leggings gal, she still apparently NEEDS a tiara for tomorrow night’s Y6 leaving disco!)
    Had there been any protest rallies in evidence I would’ve been happy to participate, but mostly the populous of Sadford appeared to be paddling in the city centre Centenary Square urinal ‘mirror pool.  The Childerbeast decided to join in. 

I may be booking them in for a Tetanus tomorrow…



School reports, including SATs results tomorrow…let’s hope they did well enough to deserve the Well Done giftage I have already ordered in a pre-emptive strike of optimism.


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