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Six weeks of Summer

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Am in Chester, feeling lumpy thanks to (a) the unforgiving, malicious bathroom mirror upstairs at The Moss and (b) I am actually pretty lumpy (c) the wasp sting on the back of my knee.

Been to the Crocky Trail today, watching grown men run around like 9 year olds and fall down the bank into the mud then pretend they’re ok.
It’s come a long way since the days of a couple of planks of wood over the beck; a rope swing; the now legendary (and long gone) electric fence and an ice cream van parked out front.

There’s even a First Aid Station and flushing loos!


The good old fibreglass croc is still there though.
Well worth a day out. Just don’t wear anything you’d miss if it got wrecked!

Later tonight we’re going to the theatre in the park. Until then, we’re just chilling at The Moss (and planning how to surreptitiously move in without my Pops realising until it’s too late.



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