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It’s very quiet without Childerbeast in the house.

I’ve been reading a lot and can strongly recommend the Divergent series by Veronica Roth.  I’ve ordered the DVD and hope I’m not disappointed by the film adaptation (particularly as I’m a teeny bit in love with the character Four, despite being old enough to be his mother!)

   Spent a most pleasant afternoon yesterday at a friend’s house having a wine-fuelled lunch. Got caught in apocalyptic monsoon rain on the short walk home and had to get changed completely before heading to another friend’s house to spend the night.

Spoke to mum tonight and she’s already getting the irrits with A’s finicky non vegetable eating vegetarianism. That hasn’t made me very happy. Especially after not an hour beforehand saying confidently to Bman “If they are being pests Mum won’t tell us, she’ll bear it but keep quiet about it”.
…apparently not – so she must be really pissed off.

Weather is meant to be apocalyptic again tomorrow so I may be spending my last Childerbeast-free day holed-up and battening down the hatches.


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