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Last days of summer…

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Had my young niecelings here for the night yesterday. They just left. I may need a cheeky gin & a lie-down now.
  How I ever coped with 2 under 3 year olds at home on my own while Bman was working I really do not know.  I’ve had my Childerbeast here mucking in and helping out and I still feel as though I’ve done a Himalayan trek!

Big up to all the mums out there. You/we are awesome (except the ones who are crap or mean).


Meanwhile, only one more day before the end of the summer jollies.


Going back to my job I think I can cope with,  but my 11 year old starting high school and travelling on my old nemesis, the 508 (it’s always late) is quite another matter!

Where did my baby girl go?


#nervous. #agitated


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