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Early onset decrepitude

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To coincide with my No. 1 baby girl starting high school and my No. 2 girl going into Year 5, thus making me feel old – I also seem to be sliding towards death at a rate of knots. 

I began the working week and new academic year full of cold but no sooner had that worn off than I managed to incapacitate myself.
   I was teaching a new Wake & Shake dance routine to Year 6 yesterday when I felt something twang in my calf as I demonstrated the old Kinetic two-step. Since then I’ve been lurching around like something from the Walking Dead.


Surely this is karma’s way of kicking me in the ass for over-use of the words spaz and spacker in my time.

Luckily I have a tube of ibruprofen gel and some awesome extra strength pain-killers.  These helped me sail merrily through the working day fairly oblivious (apart from the lurching gait) without too much concern over the potential possible permanent ligament damage I may have caused myself.

I’ll be spending the weekend propped up on the couch or in bed trying to heal before Monday.


Meanwhile, my baby girl survived her first week at high school (and so did I).  I’m sure that before I know it she’ll be coming home with dyed hair, stinking of cigs and telling me she’s got a boyfriend.



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