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Life’s a drag just now.

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Doubt very much I’ll be doing any more rollerdiscoing with this ruddy gimpy leg.  Had it checked out at the weekend and it’s official. It’s a torn calf muscle!  Painkiller times. As much rest as I can (whilst still working). Likely to take bloomin’ weeks to heal.

(Interestingly, my Kindle just tried to auto correct ‘rollerdiscoing’ to ‘homosexuality’).

Surely some deity’s way of stopping me getting myself a pair of roller boots for Christmas.

(Interestingly, my Kindle just tried to auto correct ‘diety’ to ‘death’).


Shexxy bruising, even on my foot. Seemingly made worse by having to wear this foxy looking tubular bandage, which has left lovely dimples on my skin.



Bman has helpfully suggested that I dress up the limp by making myself a seagull foot and dressing up as Zenobia, the evil witch, from ‘Sinbad and the eye of the tiger’.  I can’t find a picture of her on Google but randomly I did find one of a doll someone made of her.  It’s a bit wee but it’s the best I can do.


If I’m still limping by Halloween, I might just do that.



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