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Elvis has left the building!

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Comedy capers just now in the Childerbeast’s room at bedtime.  I had read a bit to them, done all the night Johnboy stuff and limped back to my room when all hell broke loose!

Hurrying Lurching like a Paralympian zombie in a 3-legged race as quickly (i.e. not very) back to their room. A Benny Hill style chase ensued as I tried unsuccessfully to capture a monstrous house spider as it sprinted round the room, mocking my affliction, while the Childerbeast sat screeching and crying hysterically in their beds.

The giant arachnid ran for cover (doubtless laughing to itself) under the bed so I had to spend 5 minutes arranging the Childerbeast in their beds in a spider-proof arrangement of duvets and blankets just as our (not so) little 8-legged friend decided to bolt for it back out onto the landing.

Managed to trap him with the old glass and paper routine and parked him outside.

Who’s laughing now spidey?

Calm once again restored to bedtime so I could hobble back to my room for a lie down!



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