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Just wondering, in light of last evening’s tragic events in Manchester, what the BBC were thinking showing that little advert with the dogs leaping through hoops of fire! Straight after the bloody news as well.  #poortaste. #Manchesterdogshome.

Hope they throw the book at the scrote who deliberately started the fire.

Had a teensy episode of letting my chimp escape from its box yesterday morning, as I wrestled with the door at work whilst trying to carry a box of books I’d taken home to mark. Ended up getting rather cross then bursting into tears. #frustration.

Was offered chance to go home and rest up. So here I am. On the sofa.  Went to the docs who told me off for having been at work all week. Bman also told me off, several times, for the same thing.  I’m now signed off until at least Monday week and I have to stay off the bad leg as much as possible. 

Presently watching episodes of ‘Only Fools & Horses’ that Bman recorded ages ago.




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