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Things I have discovered or realized during my time off work with my gammy leg:-

1. From my vantage point of being laid on the couch, I have noticed exactly how crooked my house is.  Leaning shelves, wonky flooring etc.

2. My cats could literally sleep all day!

3. Even after a ruthless cull, we have a shite eclectic DVD collection.

4. There is a goblin that lives in the fireplace who throws fluff & crumbs onto the rug the minute the vacuum cleaner is put away.

5. Watching too many episodes of ‘Ghost Adventures’ means that you tend to hear bumps & knocks upstairs when nobody is there.

6. Daytime TV adverts are aimed at fat people, cancer sufferers, the elderly & the financially & intellectually challenged (who can’t see that the satsuma on the Satsuma Loans ad is actually a blood orange or a grapefruit).  Don’t trust these people!  Never trust a singing grapefruit that claims to be a satsuma.

7. Facebook is rather quiet during the day but that won’t stop you checking in every 10 minutes to make sure you haven’t missed anything.

8. My husband is kinder than I give him credit for (although I still wouldn’t suggest he join the medical profession.)

9. The human body’s ability to heal itself is quite extraordinary!

10.You should look after your body because it sucks when parts don’t work properly.

11.Ibuprofen & Lysine (like Feminax) is awesome.

12. Resting is tiring.


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