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Small things please small minds

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We may be about to go to war again and should probably stockpile bottled water, camping gas and tinned peaches. 
   However, on a lighter note I’d like to share 3 things (with photo evidence) which have amused me today.

1.  Childerbeast made a loom band bungee harness for a teddy today which looks more like a mankini.


2.  Bman’s recently ordered new trousers arrived today. I feel a misunderstanding of the sizes may have occurred. #warwickdavis


3. On the way to Kirkstall Abbey museum today we drove behind an SLK with the top down and a cockatoo in the driver’s seat.


By driver’s seat, I mean sitting on the driver’s shoulder. I appreciate it’s not a great photo but had Bman got any closer, the bird would’ve ended up through our windshield (which wouldn’t have been cool at all).

#parrots #parrotsonbikes

Only walked for about an hour and am now sat in bed because this bloody leg feels all tight and weird.  #gimpyleg

Going back to work Monday though before I eat myself to death or fall into an inertia induced coma in front of the TV.


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