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Wages, Wallpaper and the Black Death

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In the style of The Last Leg – is it okay that the starting wage for a shop dude at Aldi is 7p more an hour than mine? (even though I recently went up a payscale).

#consideringit. #tempted

Meanwhile poor Bman has spent most of his annual leave decorating the office to suit Rho as a bedroom. What began as a quick lick of paint has turned into something akin to a scene from ‘The Money Pit’ with Tom Hanks.

Wonky door handles and wallpaper that brought half the wall down with it. (The wall, seemingly made of sand and balsa wood).
Job not quite complete, but wallpaper (not a style I would’ve chosen) not looking quite as bubbliscious as it did yesterday! #aerotimes

He is now manifesting signs of the dreaded man-flu, which as we know, is a friend to no-one. I am hoping it doesn’t mutate into the ebola (which seems to be creeping ever closer, I see from the news).

Trying to keep the Childerbeast quiet while he tries to sleep it off.
My youngest & I seem to have conflicting ideas of what quiet actually means though. For her this apparently means – dance all the way up stairs stomping like a buffalo in tap shoes, whilst (I shit you not) singing “Springtime for Hitler and Germany”
at the top of her voice!


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