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Circus, Zoos, Pools & Carparks.

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Spent the weekend in Chester Ys after a slightly stressful departure and catching the train by the skin of our teeth.

Childerbeast were taken to Circus Berlin by my Pops and their Uncle John on Saturday. Mum, my sister and I went into town where I depressingly withdrew my last £40 to pay the carpet man today.  #broketilpayday. Highly amused that my niece had pink palms from clutching her flashing wand so tightly throughout the circus performance. Even more amused that Pops resorted to trying to clean them with Mr Muscle kitchen spray.

I then spent a most pleasant evening catching up with old friends and drinking tea (am on a booze free, cakes, biccies, chocs & sweets free wagon).

Sunday, Mum took us for a lovely lunch at Duttons before we went to listen to June Mottershead of ‘Our Zoo’ fame at the Town Hall. What a fascinating lady with a fascinating history. The Childerbeast bought her book (thanks to monetary donations from Pops) and got them signed.
I’m looking forward to reading it myself when they’ve finished it.


Today I have mostly been literally bouncing around in a swimming pool with a dozen people I’ve never met before (bar one). It’s always nice to bump into someone you used to work, with but generally I prefer to be clothed rather than in a 1950s style two-piece whilst self-consciously sucking my belly in. Not awkward at all either, to meet new people of the opposite sex, by being asked to hold hands in a circle in the water and bounce up and down and hum at the same time.
Then had to teach 2 different swim classes from different schools. Wasn’t as painful as I’d anticipated. Nobody cried or drowned, which is all we can ask for. In fact one of the children asked if I was teaching them again next week and was genuinely crestfallen when I said no.

Which is nice.

Meanwhile, have been one of a select few (of around 700 now) invited to a reunion of a club I used to regularly go to in Stoke. Am thinking of making a cameo but will be leaving the catsuit at home and the two-stepping to the more agile and less infirm. I’m also hoping there’s a comfy couch and Earl Grey available.

Rave on! (& by rave I mean Ralgex).

Altogether now; “What’s your name? Where you from? What you had?”


PS. Perhaps should clarify that I’m taking the ASA swimming in schools instructor course. Hence the pool action.


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