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How I almost lost a finger

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Thought I’d broken my finger earlier on when it got stuck in the waistband of my bodysculpting tights when I was taking them off after work.
Properly bent it back. Muthaclucka! They’re some seriously tight tights!

True story!

I’m now accidentally watching ‘The Apprentice’.  I’ve never seen it before (I live under a rock whilst getting my digits trapped in hosiery).

Is it meant to be a comedy?  I thought it was meant to be a serious show for business types.  From the first 10 minutes I’ve seen, it seems to be some kind of Big Brother/Only Way is Essex poncefest for over-made-up bints and pretentious twats.  (Although I do think I need a skirt that flashes on and off – I’m hoping they also do a bra.)

Meant to be doing some work but now got sucked into this shit.


PS They’re going down the solar panelled clothing route now. I have a couple of pals who could easily act as a backup for the National Grid if they had solar panels fitted to their bras. Ladies, you know who you are.


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