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What’s Your Name? Where You From? What You Had? (memory ain’t what it was)

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Got invited to join a group on Farcebook – The Club Kinetic Car Park Meet Event.
      A revival, if you will, of a club night that no longer exists in a building that now houses a Wilkinsons and a Home Bargains.  Within a week it’s gone from around 70 members to over 1000 and my news feed is full of nothing but reminiscences of misspent youth and lost weekends.  I recognise very few names among the members (as back then, everyone was recognised purely on the basis of what vehicle they travelled in and what they regularly wore).

     If I ever get sent my secret code for this now not so secret meet, I’m hoping to make a cameo appearance.  No catsuit though (the phrase, trying to squeeze toothpaste back into the tube, springs to mind.) Though I have got some loveheart shape sunnies from ebay so there’s an outside chance people might recognise me through the excess chins and mileage.  That is of course if the dibble don’t put a stop to this ever-expanding reunion get together before it even starts.   #On Top


Me and my old pal Jan in a car park in Longton, circa 1992, both looking about 14

One of two surviving photos from back then. I burnt the rest so Bman wouldn’t laugh. Wish I hadn’t now. Could’ve posted them up in Farcebook to go with the shockers that are popping up daily (even some videos bejesus).  Mercifully, so far, I’m not on any of them (I was probably in the loos talking shit, or in the back of someone’s vehicle, talking shit).


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