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Today was a good day (but an odd one)

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Had one of those surreal moments today at work. 
     Topic lesson with a Dragon’s Den theme (cheers Gene Genie)!  Children in groups as various historical figures from the Industrial Revolution, pitching their inventions to a panel of their peers. Object of the exercise being that they had to vote for the top invention of that era. 
What ensued was a near physical fight between ‘John Kay’ (of Flying Shuttle fame) and ‘Edward Cartwright’ (inventor of the Power Loom) as they came to verbal blows when Mr Kay accused Mr Cartwright of having the blood of innocent, maimed children on his hands.  ‘Cartwright’ forgot that it was only a drama exercise and became quite distraught at being labelled a murderer. Voices were raised. Threats were made.  I had to step in to restore peace.

Fortunately our protagonists calmed down before anyone was actually injured.



You gotta love it when the kids get that into something that it gets so heated.

FYI The winning dragon was Samuel Crompton and his Spinning Mule by 4 votes to 2.
Interestingly, in a separate vote, the entire class decided that Facebook was the least important technological invention of the 21st century.

Who knew?


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