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Monday morning, up way too early for half term.

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Hoping to get an appointment for a hair trim for my girl in the holidays. We seem to have progressed in the space of 2 days, from Lloyd Christmas to an unkempt John Squire of Stone Roses fame. 

Adding to the ‘look’ is a skinned chin from a rather extreme, sloppy socks on laminate flooring, altercation with the breakfast bar, which left a strip of skin behind on the kitchen stool.  #ouch
Meanwhile and completely unrelated. Is anyone else annoyed at the trailer for the film ‘Ouija’ being mispronounced? Or is it just me being fussy as usual? Probably…

(It’s ‘weeja’ not ‘weejee’).
I could tell you some freaky tales about a Ouija board because (funnily enough)… there was this one time…



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