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All Saints Greetings

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Happy Halloween for yesterday MoFos!

    My skeleton onesie glows in the dark and is really cosy.  I may have to wear it all the time.


Seemed a bit quieter this year.  Didn’t seem to have nearly as many trick or treaters as usual.  Most were polite and we managed to avoid litigation another year without any of them falling down the massive gap next to the front steps.  TBH these kids don’t know the meaning of the phrase trick or treat. I asked a few if they knew any tricks. They all said no.  “How can you trick me then if I didn’t have any sweets?” I asked.  I just got a confused shrug or a “dunno”.  Pah!  Amateurs!

Bman was channelling Blakey from ‘On the Buses’, from a lost episode where they met up with ‘The Walking Dead’. Or possibly it was meant to be Captain Sensible on acid, or just random Bulgarian zombie dude.


Meanwhile. Me and the Childerbeast spent a few days in Chester at my folks this half term.  Managed to see my bro for first time in ages, which was cool.  Had a lovely birthday lunch for Mum at Et Alia (aka The Red House). Had some cracking spicy tiger prawn linguine. Nom nom. 

Got to meet up with Miss Sunshine too. Discussed how we thought this Kinetic reunion shizzle might pan out in December.  I give it half an hour before Five-O shut it down or start making arrests.  My worst fear would be a front page headline and candid photo in the Stoke Sentinel alleging that it’s some kind of massive dogging gangbang.  Can you imagine?  Home Bargains car park, festive Dog-off!  Headlights flashing, dunggarees down.  Legs in the air crew blow your whistles!



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