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There a sheep loose in the lane…

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Went on a most interesting course this week to do with memory and the different strategies people use to remember things.  It reignited my interest in Psychology so I had my daughter administer the Turner & Ridsdale digit memory test on me. 
The results put me on the 92nd percentile, which I was rather pleased with, until she asked me for my date of birth to complete the record sheet and I couldn’t remember it!  FFS!


If you think that even adults can only hold up to 8 pieces of information in their head at once, it’s no wonder that children have to be told dozens of times to do things. We bark out instructions at them. “Long date, underline it, leave a line, learning challenge, underline that, leave another line, full stops, capital letters.”
With the distractions going on in the classroom like 29 other children; things going on outside; feeling hungry or cold or thirsty or too warm or needing the loo or wondering when it’s playtime… there’s no wonder it seems like they can’t remember a damn thing about what they’re meant to be doing.

I guess in the words of Gary Barlow, we need to just show a little patience.


I’ll try….
But then Yoda be like…



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