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Charity begins at home (or, all I want for Xmas is some clothes that aren’t from Primarni or a Supermarket.)

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While Google shopping last night I decided to do the annual charity gift purchase, in lieu of sending Christmas cards. 

I thought briefly about foregoing my usual Christian Aid/Oxfam type purchase and going for something closer to home.  I looked at Centerpoint and considered gifting something to help the homeless.  “Buy a jumper to help clothe a homeless person this Christmas”.  Why yes, that sounds most admirable.

Hold the phone though.  What’s this?


£35!!  Thirty Five of my hard earned, working for less than an Aldi checkout jockey, English pounds?  Are you having a Turkish with me Centrepoint?
Where’s it from? Per Una? 

I haven’t got a single item of clothing that cost £35 and that includes coats!

It says a lot when the homeless are wearing better quality knitwear than you.

I sacked them off and reverted back to my Third World gift aid instead and bought a goat… (which was cheaper than the sodding jumper FFS!)



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