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Sofa (so good)

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Turns out that buying large furniture items while you’re ripped to the tits on pain relief tablets is fine. 

Sofa finally arrived on Friday and I like it.

Would have liked it even more if I’d been able to see it set up in full glory, rather than taking turns with the Childerbeast over the weekend sitting on the one-third of it that the delivery men managed to maneuver into the house!

Meanwhile the rest of if remained in the shed covered in plastic while I spent 48 hours worrying (in my over-active imagination) that it would be eaten by rats, covered in slug trails, tainted by cat piss or used as an ideal home for spiders to lay egg sacs in!


Delivery dudes said they could do a ‘foreigner’ and send someone round, after hours, to remove the kitchen window in order to get it in that way.  With no call yet and having dissuaded Bman from having a crack at it himself after looking at ‘How To’ videos on YouTube.  (Step away from the upvc window and set down the mallet there Frankie Boy Spencer).


So I went old school and leafed through the Thomson Local and got a couple of quotes.  One for 215 sheets plus VAT and one for 65.    Guess which one we went with?

Job done.  Got a quote for new windows for lounge and kitchen while he was here, so that’ll be my next expense in the New Year along with a new fridge and hoover.

Whoop whoop! Rock and feckin roll!

When did my life get this exciting?


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