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Je Suis Charlie

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Am slightly disturbed by Silent Witness this week.  The young sociopathic protagonist reminded me too much of someone I know…    Excellent early week viewing (although I used to take a Japanese language class with a girl who was a Pathologist and she never really left the lab.  She didn’t rock up on the crime scene within minutes like Emilia Fox does).
Also uneasy with an episode of The Waltons this morning (as I loafed about, dragging my heels about going to work) which had Mary Ellen tempted into taking amphetamines!  Bit risqué for Waltons Mountain at I think!


On a more serious note:-

With the shit hitting the fan in France with religious extremists, in their dogma, who don’t understand satire, considering murder as a way to appease their prophet of choice – I’d like to quote the French philosopher Voltaire:-

“I do not agree with what you have to say, but I will defend to the death, your right’ to say it.”


What would happen if we all killed anyone who offended us or poked fun at something important to us?  That’s bad karma in anyone’s religion surely? 

Freedom of expression mon ami – it’s a plus point  of living in a civilized, unoppressed society.  You can’t kill us all. Particularly not for drawing pictures!




(The irony of it having taken about 12 hours to write this post because it refused to post the picture I wanted to add, has not escaped me.  It would seem that technology was trying to suppress me there aswell.)



Picture by Oli. Courtesy of

*“We can all hold a pencil


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