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Going to start a revolution from my bed…

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I didn’t sleep as well as I’d have liked as it goes.  Possibly due to altitude sickness or subconscious fear of plummeting to my death from atop Mount Silentnight. Maybe I’ll ditch the old mattress in next door’s yard. It can match the one they already have and make it easier to attract rats and deter potential homebuyers, so I can stay living in a place I hate (thus making it more likely my fears of dying alone, unnoticed and eaten by cats will be realised.)

Someone, a lifetime ago, once called me a Princess who always got what she wanted. That girl has long gone. These days, this is as close to being a Princess as I’m ever going to get.


Not sure which one is Bman and which one is me. Neither really, as a more accurate picture would be having them back to back, with a gap between them that you could drive a bus through!


Also had strange dream about going back to work as a Secretary/PA. What a dull dream. Even my unconscious is boring. Where’s the flying dream? I like that one the best. Not had that one for ages.


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