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It’s not the day after tomorrow

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It’s that time of year in the UK when we get a flurry of snow, it settles for all of 4cm and we get soup kitchens on the M11 and people ringing Air Sea Rescue to helicopter them off the M62.  Schools close left right and centre…but not ours. 😦


Thought, at one stage today, that I was going to have a teacher sleepover at mine so people didn’t have to battle the gridlock on the way home.  Am sure my Childerbeast would have enjoyed that.  Nothing to see here kids – just a bunch of your teachers and the Head drinking gin and wearing your mum’s pyjamas in your lounge!

Fortunately it didn’t come to that but it is times like this that I’m glad I only live up the road from work.  I’ve done my share of public transport commute traumas.

It’s no longer snowing but watch this space… get some wellies on. Drive safe.


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