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We have heat!

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Boiler dude couldn’t fix the problem yesterday so once we’d huddled around the stove to eat our dinner, we went to bed early. All sat in our bed like something from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, watching Get Your Act Together, marvelling at Phil Tuffnell hitting a basketball with a cricket bat (because this is what passes for entertainment apparently).

Had several text messages from British Gas reminding me that they were coming out again today (just in case I’d forgotten, or possibly even passed out unconscious from hypothermia!)

So Bman spent his birthday waiting in for the boiler dude, presumably while testing out his colon cleansing tablets, his yoga DVD and wearing his Sloth mask (because that’s how we roll gift-wise in our house!)


Fortunately it is now fixed and we have heat and hot water. Yay! Until next time… Ordered a takeout to celebrate. 🙂


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  1. need to see a pic of the sloth mask!!


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